Since 2001, The Soapbox has managed to become a staple of Downtown Wilmington’s character. With humble beginning as a laundromat with beer and games, live music soon entered the equation. Outgrowing the “Laundro-Lounge”, The Soapbox expanded to the third floor of the historic Elks Temple Building.

Today, The Soapbox is firmly committed not only to bringing Downtown a great space for laundry, lounging, and libations, but also proudly supports and showcases the best in local, national, and international entertainment!


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Getting to The Soapbox is pretty easy. The main artery for out of town traffic is Interstate 40 – East. Since this 2559 mile stretch of road begins or ends (however you want to look at it) in Wilmington, it’s simple to get here.

After passing exit 420, you’ll notice a sign indicating that you are officially off of the Interstate. I-40E turns intoCollege Road. You’ll want to take a right on to the Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway which puts you on a straight shot to Downtown Wilmington. The Parkway eventually veers to the left, turning into 3rd Street. Keep rolling down 3rd until you see Chestnut Street (the street before is Grace). Take a right on Chestnut, go down 2 blocks, take another right on North Front Street. The Soapbox will be in the middle of the block on your left (255).


US HIGHWAY 17 NORTH is the best bet when coming from places South that run along the coast. You’ll eventually start seeing signs for Wilmington, make sure you follow signs that ramp towards US-76 EAST. Once you cross over the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge (a classic steel vertical lift that gives a great view of Downtown to the left as you’re crossing), you will hit a stoplight. At the light, turn left, this will put you on South 3rd Street. Take 3rd until you see Chestnut St. (the street before it is Princess). Take a left on Chestnut, stay on it for 2 blocks. Take a right on North Front Street. The Soapbox is located halfway down the block on the left side of the street (255).


If you don’t end up taking I-40 from points west of Wilmington, you’ll most likely be taking US HIGHWAY 74/76. This generally gets you from I-95 to The Soapbox if you’re coming from the South. Pretty much just stick on the highway and you will end up at the same stoplight mentioned above.